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First meeting


Whether by phone or via Zoom / Skype, we will discuss your business and your expectations for the realisation of your branding or web design project. Your business is unique, and as such, so are your needs, this first meeting will give us all the information required to decide if it would be a great fit to work together.


Once you have made your decision, we will go over all the requirements and the duration of the project. Then I will send you my proposal and contract. Once everything is approved and signed, a deposit of 30% of the total amount is required to start your project, with the remaining payment spread over the number of months of collaboration, invoiced on the last day of the month.

If another payment method is more convenient for you, we can discuss payment options.


Discovery & Strategy


To design the overall branding identity of your brand and website strategically, we will need to establish the steps to be taken, which requires research. This is the most important step in the branding and visual identity design process. In this phase, we will create key steps to achieve an effective visual communication. These steps include:

1. Discovery call and questionnaire to set up the brand strategy.

2. You will also receive an in-depth brand strategy PDF guide that outlines your brand ethos, audience, competition and overall objectives. 

3. A moodboard and virtual direction will be included to ensure we are aligned and have verbal and visual checkpoints to move forward together on the project. 

You will need to complete a questionnaire to help me develop a unique brand strategy and web design that will set you apart from your competitors, share your story and reach your target audience.


Concept & Design


This is where our creative processes come to life. I will develop a concept - a smart solution that makes sense and fits perfectly with the guidelines we set in the "discovery + strategy" phase of your brand and website design. I'll provide these via email in a branding presentation for you to review and provide feedback.

Conception & Affinement

Once you are happy with the strategy and moodboard provided, I will start working on the initial concepts and a personalised PDF document. Based on your feedback, if necessary, we will revise and refine the concept you have chosen. For website projects, we will initially design and present the homepage. After implementing the necessary improvements to the homepage, we will build the rest of the website. 



Deliver & Launch

Once everything is finalised and validated on both sides, I will give you the tools to be able to convey your visual identity on your communication supports in an autonomous way.

I will send you the graphic files and final designs (logos and variations, typography, colours in .jpeg, .png and .pdf), as well as the personalised brand guidelines document.
This will provide you with a practical reference document that will help you stay true to your brand and ensure continuity with your customers and suppliers.

It's time to launch your new branding identity and website to the public!

In terms of maintenance, I can monitor the performance of your website and work on updates at your request.

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