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- 4 week timeline -


The Fundamental Brand package includes the minimum necessary base that will allow you to move forward with clarity to attract and connect with your target audience. You will receive a full brand identity built to highly improve your marketing, positioning and sales for years to come.

This package takes place over 4 weeks, on a pre-defined timeline. Our process is highly collaborative, making it paramount that the client be present throughout the designated 8 weeks.

Branding identity 

We will work together on a branding that takes a deep dive into your brand, establishing a strategy rooted in your unique story, values, and aspirations.

  • Branding strategy

  • Visual Creative direction

  • Primary logo 

  • Secondary logo

  • Favicon / Icons

  • Colour palette 

  • Font suite

  • Mood board

  • Custom brand texture / background

  • Brand style guide 

  • Social media profile picture

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